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Building relationships to feed your “Best Outcomes”

With an experienced management team and a hand-picked staff of therapists, BenCura is a premier provider of innovative rehabilitative therapy across the country. Our partners outsource to us for progressive, reliable, outcome-focused therapy. We pride ourselves on being interventionists in the industry.


Find out about our specialties in speech-language pathology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy here—or keep scrolling to see our philosophy of care and what our patients and therapists think of us!



Ben: Adjective. Good.  From Spanish Bien.

Cura: Noun. Latin for Care.

BenCura stands for Good Care—literally.

Each of our patients enjoys the care not only of excellent individual therapists, but of a whole team of staff and administrators dedicated to agile, streamlined, and customized service.


Every facet of BenCura comes together under the umbrella of good care. From recruiting therapists from top schools, to on-target, innovative responses, to changing reimbursement regulations, we are committed to unparalleled therapy and a safe and positive working environment for each and every resident, therapist, and client. By creating lasting relationships with our clients, we rise above standard rehabilitation and therapy practices and commit to a service-delivery model that’s sustainable and outcome-driven.

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I had no range of motion in my ring finger and it had a bad burning sensation. I elected to do therapy services instead of injections. Coming to therapy twice a week has significantly helped the range of motion in my finger and the burning sensation is gone completely. I can do household chores now without pain or having to switch hands. I will miss coming to therapy. The girls in Occupational Therapy are awesome!

Occupational Therapy Patient, Georgia

BenCura has offered

the best management and therapy staff we have ever dealt with at our skilled nursing facility

Minimum Data Set Coordinator,


BenCura's programming is state of the art. Our facility, in using these programs, has provided improved safety, independence, and communication for our residence, not to mention, a reduction in unnecessary cost.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Worcester, MA

H.D. Director of Rehabilitation

20+ years in Rehabilitation

We are so proud to work with BenCura and wholeheartedly endorse them and their services. This is the kind of Therapists we have in our system

CEO, Hospital, Georgia

Thank you so much Rehab Staff for the encouraging and uplifting sidewalk chalk art!!! We can’t say thank you enough for all of your support and help during this unprecedented time! Our staff and residents love each one of you!! We ask the community to pray for protection for our residents as they are a very vulnerable population!! Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers!!



Thoughts From Some of Our

Clients and Partners

History & Leadership

A Track Record of Best Practices

BenCura has been recognized for excellence in management and holistic healthcare since its founding fifteen years ago. Originally specializing in speech-and-language pathology, BenCura expanded in response to its clients’ demands to include occupational and physical therapy. Originating in Boston, Massachusetts, and in Georgia, BenCura offers local solutions with a nationwide perspective on healthcare.

Founder and president Sheewayne Sandoval has directed BenCura (formerly Speech and Language Healthcare Practice) for fifteen years. Sandoval brings to BenCura 30+ years of rehabilitation experience, with an impressive track record of transforming troubled and unproductive staffing situations in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities into positive, productive work environments. 

She earned her master’s of arts in speech language pathology from the University of Maryland. When not directing BenCura, she continues her commitment to education as a guest lecturer to medical students and rehabilitation graduate programs as well as other allied healthcare undergraduate and graduate programs including social work. As an educator, she focuses on bridging gaps within healthcare and promoting a comprehensive frame for intervention. 

Sandoval has honed BenCura’s competitive edge as a first responder to changing Medicare reimbursement regulations. As the architect of BenCura’s Cura Functional Outcome Programs, she recognized the need to coordinate therapists across disciplines for more efficient, flexible care. As a result, Sandoval team of experts has put together a variety of interdisciplinary care programs that ensure her management team and therapists are outcome-focused and dedicated to the continuum of care.